The Force Behind the Change

We started out of pain – the pain of our children dying in the streets of their our own communities. We were – and still are – tired of looking into the eyes of hollow youth who lacked hope, and who had ceased to dream. We realized that we could hold no one else responsible for this. We allowed this to happen. So we united as a handful of community fathers who now know that...

we must be the force behind the change.

Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder.

Better known as MAD DADS, was founded in May of 1989 by a group of concerned Christian Omaha, Nebraska parents who were fed up with gang violence and the unchecked flow of illegal drugs in their community.

Some Mad Dads volunteers posing with police officers

Our Mission

MAD DADS is a Christian organization whose mission is to bring about positive change. MAD DADS seek out, encourage motivate and guide committed men and women in the struggle to save children, communities and ourselves from the social ills that presently plague neighborhoods.

MAD DADS employ strategies to engage men and women in the intervention and prevention of community problems and is designed to be vocal, visible and vigilant in restoring safe communities and healthy families.

How you can get involved

Join the MAD DADS Movement:
Empower, Protect, Nurture, and Inspire

MAD DADS stands as a beacon of hope and strength in our community, driven by dedicated fathers and allies committed to making a real difference. From mentoring youth through community service, ensuring safety with our street patrols, empowering through our MOMs Division, to providing the guidance of surrogate dads, we offer a spectrum of ways for you to get involved. Each path is a unique opportunity to impact lives, challenge norms, and build a brighter future for our children. Discover how you can be part of this transformative journey. Compensation ($50) is provided for participation in approved activities (Street Patrol, Community Events, etc.)

Street Patrol

MAD DADS Street Patrols embody a strong, positive community presence, with members serving as vigilant yet non-intimidating role models committed to the safety and health of our neighborhoods. Our uniformed patrols, easily identifiable by their black, green, and white colors, are well-trained to support community events, assist the vulnerable, and report criminal activity to authorities while strictly adhering to our CODE OF CONDUCT. We stand united, following the leadership's guidance, to ensure a peaceful, protected environment for all.

Community Service

At MAD DADS, we provide hands-on guidance to youth on the streets, setting a powerful example of responsibility and adulthood. In partnership with law enforcement, we work tirelessly to ensure our neighborhoods are safe havens for all. Our community service projects challenge negative stereotypes, spotlighting the true potential of today's youth and fostering a positive narrative for future generations.

MOMs Division

The MOM’S Division operates under the umbrella of MAD DADS, which is a grassroots, Christian organization with the ultimate goal of assuring healthy development of each child’s emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Each MOM’S division will operate under the supervision of the local chapter leadership.

Surrogate Dads

As MAD DADS this is precisely what we are while on the streets. Dad is probably the most difficult title to legitimize with most fatherless young men and women. We must impress upon them that we love them and care about their feelings, their failures and their frustrations when we make direct eye contact and we say, “I LOVE YOU!” This may be one of the few times that some of these young people have ever heard those words uttered with any kind of sincerity.


Become a member

Joining MAD DADS is more than just becoming part of an organization; it's about actively shaping the community for the better. It's a call to those who want to stand in the gap, offering guidance, mentorship, and positive role models for the youth. This is an opportunity for individuals to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of young people and their families, creating safer, stronger communities through presence and service.

When you become a part of MAD DADS, you're signing up to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. It's about putting action behind your passion for community improvement and social justice. You'll work alongside like-minded volunteers in a variety of programs, from street patrols to supporting food banks, each one critical to the network of support that MAD DADS provides. Your involvement can steer a young person towards a brighter path and bring comfort to a family in need. Answer the call, join MAD DADS, and be the change you wish to see in your community.

Mad Dads in the Community


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Become a Member Now! Compensation ($50) is provided for participation in approved activities (Street Patrol, Community Events, etc.)