Street Patrol

Street Patrol represents the physical manifestation of our organization's logo - The outreached hand of reason with the fist of determination.

MAD DADS Street Patrols stand as a testament to the power of positive influence in our communities, with fathers and role models taking to the streets to foster a secure and nurturing environment. These patrols are the embodiment of visibility and positivity, not as enforcers, but as steadfast guardians of the community's well-being. Our aim is clear and peaceful; we are not there to incite fear, but to affirm our unwavering resolve to safeguard the neighborhoods we call home.

“MAD DADS is something we need to take state wide... we're talking about men in the community going out, whether it's late at night, into the dangerous alleys...” - Ed Gainey, Pittsburgh Mayor

We are more than just observers; we are active participants in the community, ready to offer our support wherever it's needed, whether it's at local events or providing assistance to those who find themselves vulnerable to societal ills. Our commitment extends to the most at-risk groups in our community—the youth and the elderly—providing them with the support they need to stand strong against those who would do them harm. While we are vigilant in reporting illegal activities to the authorities, we respect the boundaries of our role, never overstepping into the duties of law enforcement.

Our presence is unmistakable, marked by the distinctive MAD DADS uniforms and hats adorned in black, green, and white—colors that symbolize our mission and unity. Before we step into areas challenged by crime, we ensure that our members are thoroughly organized and trained to handle what lies ahead. We operate under a strict CODE OF CONDUCT, which every MAD DAD adheres to, respecting the guidance of both Local and National leadership as we carry out our duty to the community.

Here are some of the ways that we help;

Positive Role Modeling and Engagement - Serving as positive figures in the community, engaging with members to promote constructive behaviors.

Street Mentoring - Providing guidance and support to individuals, particularly youths, in a community setting.

Neighborhood Drug Traffic Intervention - Actively working to disrupt and reduce local drug trafficking activities.

Crime and Violence Prevention - Implementing strategies to prevent the occurrence of crime and violence in the community.

Crisis Response - Offering immediate support and intervention during community crises.

Community Resource Sharing - Facilitating access to and distribution of resources beneficial to the community.