Community Service

In the heart of our communities, on the very streets that have witnessed too much despair, our counselors stand as beacons of hope and concern. With every step they take, every handshake, every direct gaze, they embody the change we wish to see in our youth. It's not just words we offer, but a living, breathing example of responsibility and adulthood—a testament that actions resonate louder than lectures. Our presence is a lesson in itself, a curriculum for character sculpted in the theater of life's complexities, teaching by example the art of becoming responsible adults.

“The MAD DADS came and the cleaned up the street... they showed the kids how to respect your own property around the neighborhood.” - Deb Rose

Hand in hand with our dedication to mentorship is our unwavering commitment to safety—forging alliances with local law enforcement agencies to reclaim our neighborhoods from the grip of fear and lawlessness. This partnership is pivotal, a strategic fusion of community insight and official authority, aimed at nurturing sanctuaries where children can play without caution and families can thrive without trepidation. Together, we are the architects of a fortress that shields against the chaos, ensuring that every street, every corner is an enclave of security.

Our parental concern stretches beyond the boundaries of our own homes and into the very fabric of our neighborhoods. We offer more than just hope; we are the embodiment of a visible, tangible resistance to the forces unraveling our social harmony. Our actions speak of care, involvement, and a refusal to yield to those who seek to corrupt the sanctity of our communal values. It is a crusade not just to preserve but to enhance the moral foundation that underpins our society, ensuring that the legacy we leave for our children is one of order, respect, and virtue.

Moreover, we actively dismantle the negative stereotypes that cloud the potential of today's youth through innovative community service projects. These initiatives are designed not only to engage and empower young minds but also to reshape the narrative that surrounds them. By spotlighting their capabilities, their contributions, and their importance to the tapestry of our community, we address the misconceptions head-on. Our projects are not mere activities; they are the building blocks of a new perception, one where our youth are seen as the leaders they are destined to become, vital to the very pulse of our neighborhoods.

Here are some of the ways we help;

Street Patrol - Fathers and role models taking to the streets to foster a secure and nurturing environment

Food Bank - Involvement in this area typically includes helping at a food bank by unloading food trucks, packaging food items, and delivering them to those in need.

Neighborhood Clean-Ups - These initiatives often involve volunteers gathering to clean streets, parks, and public spaces to improve the local environment.

Community Event Support - Hands-on support for events that benefit the community, such as festivals, educational workshops, or health fairs.

Bike Events - Events focused on bicycles, such as providing tune-up services, safety workshops, and even giving away bikes to promote healthy living and transportation.

Youth Engagement - Activities aimed at involving young people in the community through mentorship, educational programs, and recreational activities.

Community Service Projects - This is a broad category that could encompass a wide range of projects designed to meet various needs within the community, from building playgrounds to creating community gardens.

Compensation ($50) for participation in approved activities (Street Patrol, Community Events, etc.)