Surrogate Dads

“They'll give you advice like 'don't go do that' or they'll see you with the wrong crowd and be like 'yeah I don't think you should be with them'. Be yourself, don't be a follower.” - Brandon Scott, MAD DADS volunteer

In the role of MAD DADS, our presence on the streets takes on a profound significance. The title of 'Dad' carries with it a weight of responsibility, trust, and guidance, a mantle that can be challenging to establish with the young men and women who have grown up without a father figure. It's our mission to bridge that gap, to validate their worth and affirm our genuine concern for their well-being.

We approach these youths with open hearts and a clear message: we are here for you, we care deeply about your emotions, your setbacks, and your struggles. Our commitment to their future is sealed with the simple, yet powerful affirmation, "I LOVE YOU." Spoken while looking into their eyes, these words resonate with a sincerity that many may be hearing for the very first time. It's a moment of pure connection, a spark that can ignite hope and trust in their hearts.

These are just a few of the ways that we help;

Engage Youth as a Positive Strong Father Figure - Acting as a positive and strong paternal influence for youth who may lack such a figure in their lives

Mentor Youth - Providing guidance and support to young people through mentorship.