About Mad Dads


Mission Statement

Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS is a chapter of a nationally affiliated faith-based Christian organization that prepares men to restore safe communities. Our mission is to mobilize, train and guide men to impact the issues of drugs, gangs and violence in Allegheny County.

We develop and implement neighborhood street patrols and community-based programs designed to maintain safer neighborhoods and communities.

Who are Mad Dads?

MAD DADS are at its simplest concerned, loving parents who purposefully hold themselves to be positive role models and who are single-minded in their resolve to save communities from the mouth of the madness that is drugs, crimes and violence. They acknowledge God as the true source of their courage, ability and success! These parents work to instill and restore Christian values. They work with local community members to set an example of positive role models and be a visible force in changing neighborhoods across America. They address drug dealers, criminals, unsupervised youth and anyone else who is destroying the moral fabric in hard-to-reach, low income communities.


This work is accomplished through grass-roots recruitment of community members to form chapters (the heart and soul of the national organization), developing street patrols and relationships with members of the community in order to be a conduit to much needed services, while modeling morals, practices, behaviors and values that address the desperately lacking competencies of many of our communities.

A key ingredient to the success of MAD DADS is that they become a visible and vocal presence in neighborhoods across the country, enlisting other community-based assets, as well as law enforcement, the judiciary and others who want to stand up and fight against the negative forces destroying our children, families and cities.

MAD DADS members are actively involved as surrogate
parents conducting community service projects including:

These initiatives prioritize youth development and community safety through street counseling and collaboration with law enforcement.

The MAD DADS Street Patrols aim to create a positive, visible presence of community fathers as role models to maintain safety and a healthy community environment.

The Moms Division within Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

MAD DADS aims to provide fatherless youth with genuine expressions of love and care, offering rare moments of sincere "I LOVE YOU!" messages.

Mad Dads in the news

Could violence intervention workers deter teen mischief in Downtown Pittsburgh?

JANUARY 27, 2023

Right now a volunteer group, MAD Dads, sends a couple of men to the neighborhood a couple of days each week. But Madden pointed to several hot spots that need a consistent presence.

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KD Sunday Spotlight: Pittsburgh 'MAD DADS' Working To Stop Youth Violence, Destructive Behaviors

FEBRUARY 13, 2022

In this week's Sunday Spotlight, we're highlighting a group of Pittsburgh dads on a mission to stop youth violence.

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MAD DADS seeking to stop gun violence in Pittsburgh

JUNE 13, 2022

Saturday in the Hill District was a day for the MAD DADs to help spread their message.

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MAD DADS looking to grow throughout Allegheny County

JANUARY 31, 2022

George Spencer recently appeared on "Issues on the Point" to detail their primary function, neighborhood street patrols, along with their goals to grow the organization throughout Allegheny County.

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Neighborhood groups try to curb shootings as mayoral campaign puts political focus on gun violence

OCTOBER 20, 2021

The July 4 holiday has historically turned violent in some parts of Pittsburgh, but in a year of increased violence in the city and nationwide, one community group saw a breakthrough that day.

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MAD DADS Celebrates 10 Years Of Patrolling, Hopes To Continue Growth

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

This year marks a decade since a group of local men began a chapter of the national faith-based organization MAD DADS in the Pittsburgh region.

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Mad Dad’s dedicated pushing for safety in light of Wilkinsburg backyard ambush

MARCH 13, 2016

Mad Dad’s is part police liaison, part patrolmen, part inspirational force in the community. These men are pushing for safety in light of the backyard ambush that took place Wednesday in Wilkinsburg.

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Aftermath of murder: Resident groups continue years-long fight against violence

FEBRUARY 28, 2016

Stopping violence starts with showing up. In bright green vests, the Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS patrol the corner of North Homewood and Frankstown avenues. It’s a bustling strip, known for its drug activity and violence.

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MAD DADS group earns Penn Hills police praise for preventing crime, serving as role models

JANUARY 29, 2016

A Christian-based group of men is working with Penn Hills police and other Pittsburgh-area police departments to reduce crime in the community.

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