Mission Statement

Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS is a nationally affiliated faith-based Christian organization that prepares men to restore safe communities. Our mission is to mobilize, train and guide men to impact the issues of drugs, gangs and violence in Allegheny County.

We develop and implement neighborhood street patrols and community-based programs designed to maintain safer neighborhoods and communities.


Post, Texas Chapter
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chapter
Minneapolis, Minnesota Chapter

MAD DADS started out of pain, the pain of children dying in the streets of their own communities. We were - and still are tired of looking into the hollow eyes of youth who lacked hope, and had ceased to dream. We realize that we could hold no one responsible for this but ourselves: We allowed this to happen.


So we united as a handful of community fathers who have come to know that 




Bishop Robert Tyler, John Foster (deceased) and Eddie Staton,

Omaha, Nebraska, May, 1989 Founding Fathers of MAD DADS.

MAD DADS members are actively involved as surrogate parents conducting community service projects including:

Community Service 

  • Counseling on the streets showing a genuine interest in youth, teaching them to become responsible adults by EXAMPLE!

  • Work with law enforcement agencies to make local neighborhoods safer.

  • Show parental concern in the community by offering hope and a visible resistance toward those elements, that are destroying the social order within the local community.

  • Developing community service projects that address the negative perceptions of today’s youth.



  • The purpose of the MAD DADS Street Patrols is to provide a visible, positive presence of community fathers as role models within neighborhoods to maintain a safe and healthy community environment.

  • Our goal is not to intimidate nor provoke anyone, but to be firm in our commitment to protect our community.

  • Upon request we will be present at community gatherings.

  • We will assist any member of the community, especially the elderly or youth who are victimized, coerced or threatened by the criminal element.

  • We will expose any known drug dealer or crack house to the proper authorities, but under no circumstances will we undertake the responsibility of the police.

  • We will be identified by wearing our MAD DADS uniforms and hats. Black, Green and White will be our colors.

  • We will be well organized and trained before entering any area that is heavily infested with criminal activity.

  • All MAD DADS will follow the CODE OF CONDUCT without question. Members must agree to follow Local and National leadership.

Surrogate Dads 

  • As MAD DADS, this is precisely what we are while on the streets. Dad is probably the most difficult title to legitimize with most fatherless young men and women.

  • We must impress upon them that that we love and care about there feelings, their failures and their frustrations and make direct eye contact when we say, “I LOVE YOU!’

  • This may be one of the few times that some of these young people have ever heard those words uttered with any kind of sincerity.